PI Planner: intuitive and efficient software for Intellectual Property Management

Collaborative software solution user-oriented for patents, trademarks, designs, software, domain names and know-how management. 

With the PI Planner solution from PI Motion, collaborate effectively with an easy-to-use and efficient tool that brings together all the essential features for managing your Intellectual Property activity.

Link all your Intellectual Property rights and intangible assets in one system:
patents, trademarks, designs and models, software, domain names, and know-how.

No need to jungle with different spreadsheets, databases  or other sources anymore. Access all your IP data and indicators in one click!ne click!

A panorama of each patent family in one click

  • All your IP data, that means patents, trademarks, designs, software, domain names and knowledge collected in one place and accessible with one click
  • Centralisation of invention declarations, documents, contracts, budget, procedures, calendar and contacts
  • Visualization of the geographical scope of each family and a quick overview of the various legal procedural changes and the renewal dates of your various Intellectual Property Rights

Quickly find what you are looking for

Find what you are looking for quickly with a set of predefined filters and use search criteria by dates, keywords, countries, holders, technology clusters, types of Intellectual Property Rights…

A collaborative approach to effective IP management

  • Communicate easily with all the players in your innovation ecosystem after defining the level of access for each of them, while respecting the confidentiality of the projects
  • Share your action plans and view them in a shared calendar
  • Structure all the documentation attached to your assets in one place
  • Set up your tasks and reminders in a shared calendar

Capture the R&D activity of your researchers and engineers

  • Save your invention declarations and related documentation
  • Link your invention statements to your new repository projects easily
  • Manage your inventors’ fees and quota shares

Monitoring of costs, revenues and IP budget under control

  • Record your expenses and income on each family, view totals by title or family

  • Establish your estimated budget easily
  • Easy access to the foreseeable development of future processing and maintenance costs of your portfolio over the next few years
  • A simulation mode allows you to formulate hypotheses for maintaining or abandoning certain assets in the portfolio to measure their impact

A global view of the dynamics of your IP portfolio as a decision-making tool

  • A complete set of indicators gives you a global view of all or part of your IP portfolio based on the selected filters

  • A world map gives you the density of procedures in different countries

Roadmaps and simplified reporting to manage your IP rights

  • A “One Pager” overview, accessible from any device, covers the main activities over a rolling year (deposits, deliveries, withdrawals, etc.), highlights and critical points, tasks and deadlines that expire at the end of each month
  • One-click reporting on all or part of your portfolio based on your needs

Pratically, setting up PI Planner is a quick and easy process : the implementation of PI Planner is a fast and easy process requiring no installation. We create your acount within an hour, you select your content, we encure that you are confortable with the tool. From that point on, you can manage your account in a totally secured way. You suscribe to use the tool on a yearly basis : there is no limit to the number of users – you decide who can access and how, at no extra cost, and you benefit from all subsequent upgrades.


  • Pricing is clear and unsurprisingly, regardless of the number of users and acces !
  • All the features of PI Planner
    Online training
  • Unlimited storage for IP documents
  • As many user accounts as you want
  • Automatic update of the software


  • Hosting your database on our servers in Saas mode
  • Deploying PI Planner locally on your server (Intranet use)

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