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Industrial Property : A major booster for your development

Industrial Property is more than just protection: it is one of the best ways to differentiate your organization, win markets, and expand your scope. It is also a major communication tool.

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An IP strategy must involve different and complementary strategic expertise: technical, legal, financial, and commercial.

We help you make information clear and accessible to all players in your innovation ecosystem.

Aligner votre stratégie

Align your strategy

Every decision concerning your portfolio must be consistent with the vision you have defined.

By providing indicators to support thinking, we help you align your IP strategy with your organization’s development objectives.

Valoriser vos actifs PI

Valuing your IP assets

Your creativity and know-how are valuable assets.

From capturing ideas to monitoring their protection, we help you transform your innovation capabilities into value creation. Get the right information to activate the various valuation levers (direct exploitation, licensing, and sale).

Who are our IP solutions for?

Start-up & VSE: Manage your IP from the first patents!

If you are a Start-up or a VSE, the first patent form is the basis of your future activity. The filing of patents provides companies with protection and allows the development of their R&D and innovation potential, particularly in the investors’ eyes.

PI Motion, by offering very accessible software in SaaS mode for small portfolios, allows you to familiarize yourself with IP and makes it a tool at the service of your company’s competitiveness. By helping you manage your IP and providing you with visibility on the strategy(ies) to adopt, our software and our highly operational support for IP monitoring, management, and strategy will save you valuable time and money.

SME’s & ISE’S: Align your IP and Business strategies!

A clear IP policy represents for SMEs and ETIs a winning investment in the short, medium, and long term to remain competitive in their markets, attract investors, and convince potential partners.

PI Motion offers simple, intuitive, and cost-effective tools suitable for SMEs and ETIs for portfolios of a few tens to several thousand Industrial Property assets.

Well-structured, accessible, shared, and organized IP information provides you visibility on the strategies to adopt, allows you to reduce your costs, and increases the opportunities for indirect valuation (Licensing, partnerships, etc.).

PME & ETI Alignez votre stratégie PI à la stratégie de votre entreprise
Organismes de recherche et de valorisation Vos besoins sont spécifiques, nos solutions PI s’y adaptent

Technology transfer and Research organizations: Your needs are specific, so we adapt our offer!

The centralization of information to share it within your organization but also with your partners who are the laboratories and the industries is fundamental.

The issues of managing mixed research units with a single representative require you to organize the management of your Intellectual Property accordingly.

PI Motion provides collaborative IP management software solutions to effectively manage a complex partnership ecosystem.


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