Patent Pulse : Ergonomic and intuitive user-oriented solution

  • Monitor key technologies and competitors
  • Oversee R&D and innovation
  • Prior art searches
  • Freedom to operate
  • Dissemination and sharing of results

The patent monitoring platform for ETIs and SMEs​

Particularly suitable for mid-sized companies and SMEs who want a simple and complete solution to exploit technological information from patents, Patent Pulse allows patent research, analysis, and monitoring for a very attractive price.

Patent Pulse has global coverage, analysis tools, and alerts, but also collaborative features: document sharing, discussions, annotations, etc., and a whole range of automatic reports to easily distribute your work.

A worldwide database !

The collection of patent databases, created by PI Motion, includes the EPO’s DOCDB database (bibliographic data, titles, summaries…) enriched with translations and full-text data on around fifty major applicant countries.

With our translation process, our database provides access to searches in English on several million additional patents not translated in Espacenet.

Multiple search options

  • Perform guided or advanced searches and access to over 130 million patents
  • Refine your search with automatic filters and concepts (coming from an automated clustering analysis method)
  • Keywords suggestion tool
  • Easy search of relevant IPC / VPC technological codes
  • Search by images (first page image or drawings)

Full text searches

  • Full text searches of European patent applications published by the European Patent Office, PCT patent applications published by WIPO, as well as patent applications of the fifty key applicant countries (39 member states of the European Patent Organization, United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Switzerland)

  • Visualize patent full text, search reports, patent families, pictures, legal status…

Intelligent and automated patent search solution !

  • Save your queries and your patent lists

  • Define alerts to be informed of any new document publication
  • Create working directories with dynamic live queries and/or patent lists
  • Share folders and subfolders with collaborators and manage their acces rights
  • Have an overview of the files with dynamic dashboards
  • Set up shared monitoring in a few clicks

Patent statistical analysis

  • Perform your strategic patent analysis to provide an overview of the environment through value-added visualizations : Monitoring technology, competitive analysis, detecting trends, dynamic strategic mapping, market maturity, Licensing opportunities, compare companies on dates, technologies and countries
  • Analyze patent data with simple, efficient and powerful graphical outputs
  • Create Business Intelligence automated reports bases on your patent data (Word format)


The PatentPulse platform integrates all sharing and collaboration functions.

  • Share your working directories for reading or writing with your clients or collaborators.
  • Share a selection of patents by email, via social networks
    or to other users.
  • Each collaborative function triggers a notification to the users concerned.

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