Patent Pulse Evolves: Enhanced Patent Monitoring Platform

We are excited to announce a significant update to Patent Pulse, our patent monitoring platform, effective from September 1, 2024. This evolution brings enhanced content to our patent databases, offering an enriched user experience and more comprehensive data coverage.

Key Features of the Updated Patent Pulse:

Global Coverage:
Access a complete and accurate database of over 160 million patents, updated in real time.

Full-Text Search:
Conduct in-depth searches with translations available for European, PCT, and major patent applications from leading countries.

Legal Status Tracking:
Monitor the status of your patents, including filed, published, granted, and abandoned statuses.

Additional Functionalities:

Powerful Search Engine:
Utilize a robust search engine with over 30 different fields.

Translation Services:
Translate titles, abstracts, descriptions, and claims into English.

Real-Time Analysis Tools:
Benefit from real-time statistical and semantic analysis tools.

Interactive Results Analysis:
Analyze results with interactive graphs.

Collaborative Sharing:
Share results within your organization for enhanced collaboration.

Automated Alerts:
Configure and receive automated alerts.

Automatic Report Generation:
Generate summary reports automatically.

Secure Data:
Ensure the security of your research data.

Special Offer:
No price change for subscriptions before September 30, 2024! The license price remains at €1050/year. Subscribe now for 1 year or 3 years at the same rate.

Package Rates:

  • 3 annual licenses: €2500
  • 5 annual licenses: €3500
  • 10 annual licenses: €5000

Professionalize Your Patent Monitoring:

Enhance your patent monitoring with a simple, effective, and economical tool.

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The Mathéo Software team, in collaboration with PI Motion, is proud to present these updates to help you stay ahead in the field of patent monitoring.

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