Highlights from the Curie Congress 2024

The Curie Congress 2024 proved to be an exceptional event once again, bringing together numerous professionals dedicated to the valorization of public research in the vibrant city of Marseille. The event, held at the stunning Palais du Pharo, facilitated captivating discussions and interactive workshops, fostering the exchange of innovative ideas and strategies in research valorization.

A Celebration of Excellence

Congratulations are in order for the organizers of the Curie Congress. Their meticulous planning and execution of this year’s event were nothing short of outstanding. The picturesque venue of Palais du Pharo served as an ideal backdrop for the enriching discussions that took place. Attendees delved into the latest strategies for research valorization, with interactive workshops enhancing their knowledge and enabling the sharing of experiences among peers.

Networking and New Connections

One of the standout aspects of the congress was the opportunity to forge new connections during the networking sessions and the Gala evening held at the iconic Vélodrome de Marseille. It was a pleasure to engage in insightful conversations and exchange ideas with professionals from various fields. Special recognition goes to Corinne Hueber-Saintot from CEA and Najiba Matos Fernandes from EFS for their valuable contributions to these discussions.

PI Motion’s Representation

PI Motion was proudly represented at the event by our co-founder, Ingrid Duquet. Her presence underscored our commitment to innovation and collaboration in the field of intellectual property and research valorization. Ingrid’s participation highlighted our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments and fostering meaningful connections with other professionals in the sector.

Looking Ahead

The Curie Congress 2024 was not just an event; it was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in advancing public research. As we look ahead, PI Motion remains committed to leveraging these insights and connections to drive progress and innovation in the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from PI Motion as we continue to contribute to the dynamic field of research valorization.

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